Spiritual Integration Therapy



Lynida Darbes


     Spiritual Integration Therapy involves an awareness of the process we go through of constantly being called on to integrate our emotions or psychological  experience  with our spiritual evolution -   and how we find the balance between a need for individual growth and understanding with a need for Transcendance. This  involves an acceptance that this is an ongoing process and presents tricky challenges of paradox and self examination. 


  The  primary way I work with this is to use ways of increasing a person's awareness of energy-  the way it moves within and Ways it moves without, And how this is integrated. This is the process of developing awareness . 

Once there is awareness - the person is consciously awake - then that consciousness  can provide aid in healing oneself emotionally and physically and releases blockages spiritually. There is very little need to talk-  that can be just spinning  wheels for years.  This process goes directly to the source. It does take courage and commitment. Any kind of creative work benefits the process and the process benefits creative work.