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The intention of my work is to share what

I've learned about how energy moves and how

to use it with conscious intention.


I was drawn to noticing certain phenomena as

a child. Those were unusual visual perceptions

and were at times perceptions that time could

stop, slow or disappear; it could seem 

I disappeared out of time.


At four I remember sitting in the back seat of

my parents' car looking at the stars and

being overcome with feeling the connection

and wanting to really know how everything

was all so connected to me.

In college I majored in Philosophy and read a

lot of poetry and Russian novels. I had given

up spirituality and considered myself to be

an Existentialist or Humanist. 

The major event on a conscious level happened

in my thirties. After a period of extreme

emotional pain it felt like I fell off a cliff. 

Reality as I had known it completely disappeared. 

That began approximately a fifteen year period of moving at what felt like the speed of light. It felt as though I was being taught, processed. 

During that period there was a lot of unusual extreme phenomena.


I learned different kinds of body work as a way of earning money and learning more about how energy works with the body. I also received a Master's degree in Psychology which is when I began to develop my ideas of Spiritual Integration. I had eight years  of Tai Chi and Taoist meditation training.


I integrated all these experiences into the work I call Spiritual Integration Therapy. It's about using energy within and without as connection to continually and consciously perform the process of integration. . It's not about talking or analyzing. It's about  learning to feel ourselves on deep levels beyond that and using it.